Honorary cultural ambassador, Patrick Victor

“I wish to revive the Moutya. This is my quest. It is an exceptional structural rhythm that we have been blessed with. We should preserve it. Moutya is our link with our ancestors. It is a form of music developed here and we shouldn’t let it go down the drain.”

Legendary musician Patrick Victor was appointed honorary cultural ambassador by President Danny Faure in August 2019. Mr Victor’s function is to promote the Seychellois culture locally, regionally and internationally. Following his appointment, Mr Victor has been engaged in various activities including at the international level. Following the coronavirus pandemic across the world, many lives and activities have been affected. Mr Victor shares his thoughts on adjusting to the new normal, lessons from his first international mission as well as plans to execute his role.

With this situation, myself and others involved in the artistic world have to readjust our plans and activities and this is what I continue encouraging those in the industry to do.

My portfolio not only covers national activities but also to promote our Creole culture regionally and at the international level. There are various strong-minded groupings and individuals in Seychelles doing various activities to promote our arts and culture. They have visions of what we should and can do to promote our culture. Of course, there are also national plans by the department of culture. For the past six months I have been collaborating with the department and I am also keen on what is happening in the districts.

The various associations I look forward to working with for example are the arts and music associations which are doing great both locally and internationally. I am also involved in an association called ZERITYE (meaning heritage). We are fascinated about promoting our roots and culture, food, way of dressing up, celebrating life, traditional medicine and many other aspects of our culture.

My plan therefore has been to merge the various plans and visions to synergize and work together. This will still go on. It is just a matter of readjusting our plans and finding ways of getting people involved. We shall find ways and means.