A Chat with the First Ever Seychellois Female Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Vanessa Gendron, a 27-year-old Seychelloise who became the First Commercial Helicopter Pilot on July 18th 2020 at Palm Beach Helicopters in Florida, USA. She has a family of her own with her 6-year-Old Daughter Tia.

Vanessa explained that she always wanted to be a pilot however she didn’t grow up around aviation nor did she have any aviation influence in her life.

Flying for her was just one of those dreams she never once thought would become a reality according to her. For a very long time that dream seemed unreachable that she felt she just simply couldn’t achieve and proceeded on with her life. She also mentioned that this is a negative mindset a lot of us have; that we are not worthy of something. She also told us that she remembers asking herself where she wanted to be in 5 years’ time which is a question all of us ask our self.  “That was the point of either I do something about it now or have regrets of what could’ve been in future” Vanessa Explained.

About her training course in Palm Beach, Florida, USA which is a 1 Year Course for a Pilot to earn their Licence, she was thankful enough to study with and from an amazing group of people, instructors and team. “The course in itself was tough but indeed amazing! I wouldn’t change a thing about as everything was a lesson I needed to learn in aviation” Vanessa Explained.

When we ask Vanessa about the most Challenging part of her whole experience at Palm Beach Helicopters, she mentioned that having to leave her daughter behind was the most difficult one for her to be away from her daughter for such a long time. “However, that pain was the determination I needed to successfully complete my course in less than 10 months. I sacrificed our today so we could have a better tomorrow” Vanessa Explained.

Vanessa also explained that her future plans is to enjoy flying the Seychelles skies for many years to come with God’s blessing.

Here at Tropikal Soundz will like to wish Vanessa all the best ahead of her New Role as a Helicopter Pilot with Zil Air in the Seychelles.