Creole ARTIST Lani, is a singer songwriter from Melbourne, Australia

Creole songstress, Lani, is a reggae/ pop/ afrobeat singer songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Currently signed to Mercy Entertainment from USA, Lani has teamed up with her record label to produce her upcoming EP titled ‘Zion’ that is named after her son. The six track EP is set to be released later this year in 2020.

In her early life, Lani grew up with music all around her because of her Father who is also a musician. However, taking on the music industry did not come about until the later age of 21. Started off doing covers, YouTube videos and competitions around Melbourne, Lani quickly realised that going about music this way was not for her. When Lani decided to commit herself to pursuing a career in music, she began writing songs and producing her own music using her own recording equipment.

In 2014, Lani released her very first EP titled ‘Heat of the Night’ which contained 4 tracks. The EP was launched at an event in Melbourne City where it was greatly received. In 2016, Lani started working with GIP Recordz to which her next single ‘Follow The Leader’ was released in 2017 with a music video that went viral on YouTube and Facebook. The following year ‘Rize Up’ single was released with a music video that involved many young kids from Lani’s local community.

January 2019, Lani became a mother. As the direction of her life began to change, so did her music. As things wasn’t moving along as she had hoped with her music, Lani decided to start from scratch again as an independent artist and began writing new music. From that, the song ‘My Light’ came about. ‘My Light’ is about having lost your direction but then having to remind yourself you need to be your own source of strength to make your light shine again.

In September that year, Lani recorded ‘My Light’ with a featured artist, Sazzy Alile. The song was release a couple months later, with the music video being released in December 2019. Since the release of ‘My Light’, many opportunities started to arise. Lani had radio interviews within the Mauritian Community, had radio play in Australia, Seychelles, Africa, UK and USA, many performance opportunities around Melbourne and has had the song chart at #2 on the Australian Dancehall and Reggae top 25 Music Charts. Because of the success of ‘My Light’, Mercy Entertainment sourced out Lani and offered a recording contract, which Lani accepted.

Lani is now working on her brand new 6 track EP in collaboration with Mercy Entertainment. A new direction and take on Lani’s music has taken a turn and is definitely paying off. With rhythm beats and melodies that you can’t get out of your head, Lani’s new music is set to make new waves in the music industry around the world!